Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Crisis, Meditation and the Mighty Mind

Thinking about the economy and where we are going in this life sometimes gets to me.  I realize that we're all part of the herd, hence the name, but it doesn't mean that my individuality doesn't have a tendency to rise to the surface and want to "express" itself.  My buddy Michael Greinecker I'm sure would agree as well.

Although some would choose to take it out on some thing or someone, I tend to try to tame the mind monkeys and slip into a bit of a meditative state.  Relaxing I know.

So allow me to share something with you that was once asked of me that made me actually fall face down on the floor.   "Is meditation safe?"  It was a question that was asked in total seriousness.  So allow me to dust off an old floppy disk and share with you some thoughts I had after that exchange.

Enjoy, and don't hurt yourself. =)

More to follow